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Gritstone Games is a game development studio based in the United Kingdom. Its primary focus is to develop cross platform games that bring unique experiences to each platform.

Not All Platforms Are Equal

Gamers worldwide come in various forms: desktop, console, mobile, handheld, VR... a combination of the those and who knows what else in the future? Most of them also like to play together bringing their skills and talents into the games they love to play. As technologies evolve to introduce cross platform gameplay between platforms studios attempt to recreate the same experience on each platform so as to broaden the audience.

We believe this results in compromises on each platform as they accommodate to the lowest common denominator and not play to the strengths of each platform. Why force a touchscreen device to play a shooter when it could be a strategy game? Why not combine multiple game genres into the same franchise?

That is our aim: to bring different gamers into the same worlds and let them play to their strengths with the best experience possible.

Tafl Champions: Ancient Chess


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